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The Right Financial Support for Your Education

University is committed to providing high-quality education to produce competent professionals who are in high demand by employers around the world. At , education is made convenient, accessible, and flexible thereby eliminating financial and geographical constraints. The true essence of  University is in it in pocket-friendly fee structure to provide the best online education at low cost. At University, we focus on being student-centric, doing everything to bridge the financial gap between students all over the world and quality education.  remains the world's most sought-after university among students and working professionals by offering flexible and affordable education opportunities at a very low cost to ambitious individuals globally.

 University has a mission of empowering students by providing them quality education that can help them with their career journey. We make sure that your education process is never disturbed because of any financial constraints and to assure tit, we offer a number of financial aid options like grants and scholarships. Almost 55% of our graduates avail these opportunities and continue their academic journey.

Apply for Financial Aid Today!

  • Apply for Financial Aid Today!

University allows you to pay your tuition fee conveniently. For this, University offers two unique payment plans to free you of financial pressure.


Pay As You Please

University has introduced a unique payment method called “Pay As You Please”. You can avail yourself of any of the following two options to pay your University fee:

Pay Upfront

Interested in getting a 14.5% reduction in your fee? Opt to pay your program fee in full and you will receive a straight 14.5% discount on your total program fee.

Pay In 2 Easy Installments

University understands that not everyone can afford to pay the full fee upfront. Considering this, University offers you an option of paying your fee in two easy installments. Still worried about the discount you would have availed by paying your full fee upfront? University addresses your worry by offering you a 7% discount in the total program fee while you are still paying in two installments.

To learn more about fee payment options, talk to a student advisor today on .


If the flexible payment options don’t address your issue, you can still proceed with your education by availing yourself of up to 50% discount through scholarships and grants offered by University. However, these grants and scholarships are provided on first come first served basis because of a limited pool of funds for the purpose.

Educational Grants

University offers you a 50% grant from your total program fee. Students from any part of the world can easily apply for this grant at any point during their program. The aim of this grant is to make sure that every student in the world who is willing to pursue higher education is able to get quality education from University.

Military Personnel Scholarships

University respects the services of Military Personnel. To express this respect, we offer scholarships exclusively for military personnel and their families.

Academic Achievement Scholarships

At University, we appreciate academic excellence. As an appreciation of excellent academic records of the students, University offers exclusive scholarships to make those students realize the importance of their prior achievements.

Credit Transfers

University believes that every student deserves a right to study at the best institution. For this purpose, University allows students from different recognized universities to transfer their credits of the successfully completed courses. The credit transfer not only reduces the duration of the program, it also reduces the cost of your program at the same time.

To learn more about credit transfers, talk to a student advisor today on .