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faculty members are committed to providing high quality education that can be compared with any international university. Draw from the world’s top learning centers, they have designed courses that seek to develop students’ decision-making skills and boost their creativity, professionalism and critical thinking.

At University, all our faculty members are trained not just to teach - they minister. This might involve them to discuss techniques and guide them for the tests or helping them by scheduling some extra lectures along the whole class or even help the students by providing consultation for their future. Each and every faculty member of University cares for their students and are always ready to help them grow which makes the university faculty stand apart from all the other universities.

University understands that the quality of graduates of any university highly depends on the quality of its faculty. A highly qualified and experienced faculty is the cornerstone of a quality institution, which helps improve its credibility among students and academic fraternity.

University employs a number of visiting faculty members who bring with them, extensive experience of the industry as well as a strong teaching experience of a number of online and traditional universities. The experience of these visiting faculty members helps us improve the university standards and teaching methods while coping up with the latest developments in education and methods of teaching. These faculty members play a vital role in the planning of course content and designing the programs in line with the latest developments.

In addition to from the visiting faculty, University has employed highly experienced and educated permanent faculty that serves as the backbone of the institution. The permanent faculty members help in the degree course management, preparation of examinations, evaluation of applicants and of the examination itself, etc.

University realizes that a competent faculty can help improve the education process, enhance the learning experience of the students and help them and the institution in every way possible.

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